At Denóvrio, we are stewards of great businesses. This is our passion and our singular pursuit. We do so through a steadfast commitment to partnership, patience, quality, and long-term planning.

Denóvrio is vertical-agnostic but has particular strength in disrupting mature industries through innovation. We feel that technological advances particularly in data analytics, automation and predictive modeling create an innovation opportunity in any industry whereas they have universal application. Furthermore, the social-media-driven evolution of the consumer mindset and empowerment creates tremendous opportunity to win through meeting and surpassing expectations.


who we are



​​We seek out partnerships with promising companies that possess capable, like-minded leadership looking to more effectively compete through innovation, recapitalization, repositioning, operational restructuring and other means. And just as our approach to creating value is long-term, so is our approach to partnerships. We believe that true collaboration with partner company leadership is the wellspring of our mutual success.

We are not distracted by short-term, transaction-based instant-gratification that creates perceived value. Rather our approach is anchored in identifying, understanding and exploiting the most sustainable competitive advantage which enables our partner companies to grow with great resilience and for the right reasons.

​​We are interested in minority or majority ownership positions based on the stage of our relationship, wants/needs of the partner company and dynamics of the opportunity. We target small to low-mid market firms and consider ourselves strategic partnership as well as investors.